Everyone Loves a Trilogy

Three is the magic number, sang De La Soul, Embrace in their live set, the National Lottery adverts, and countless kindergarten teachers. The power of three has long been a staple of storytelling, from the boy who cried wolf to Ian Dury’s reasons to be cheerful. Star Wars takes it to the nth degree with a treble of triples, a triumvirate of threesomes. Because ultimately, everyone loves a trilogy.

I myself am no different, as both a fan and a creator. Which is why it gives me such pleasure to announce that my recent singular projects are in fact part one of three.

Okay, you may have guessed that for The Femdom Factory, with the suffix of Volume 1 giving some kind of indicator that there’s more to come. But I hope I can garner a smidgeon of excitement by announcing that it is officially now a trilogy, doing a cover reveal for the last two parts, and promising that Volume 2 is only a couple of weeks away!

What’s more, lover of routine and repetition that I am, Volumes 2 and 3 will follow the same format as their predecessor: two poems to start with, followed by seventeen short stories, and in keeping with this post, a trilogy within a trilogy! After three of the stories in Volume 1 formed a series, so will they in the next two, and in the very same slots, 4, 11, and 18. Okay, maybe I am a tad OCD when it comes to this sort of thing. But the trilogies themselves are different. The first volume showed a man losing his freedom in a bet over a game of pool, and then followed him in his new life. The upcoming volume features a hard-nosed gumshoe, cynical and worldly-wise – apart from his submissiveness. And the final collection will show a beautiful woman taken under the wing of a mysterious mentor, becoming the heiress to her skills and power, although that won’t be published for a while yet.

I’d intended editing an anthology to be a once in a lifetime thing, a bucket lister if you will, but after the positive reception for He Will Obey, including scooping a Silver award at the Golden Pigtails, plus the enthusiasm of the authors to write more, has led to it becoming the first of three. First follow up has the title coined by Victory Von Stryker, The Femdom Coven, and is out now as we approach Halloween. You might have longer to wait for the final anthology though, as we’ve pencilled in Valentine’s 2023 for that release.

Before then I hope to have finally finished a co-write I’ve been working on, and at some point in my busy schedule I have a lot more fun and frolics in store for my original character, the Shagnasty. But if you can’t wait, and I don’t blame you for that, look out for his guest appearance in Femdom Factory: Volume Two. If you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it, you’ll be smiling all day.

Willowbay’s Wonderful Reads 2020

Class Pet – Jocelyn Gray

Intriguing concept, with the sexual scenes well written and the submissive psychology sufficiently conveyed.

4 Stars

The Student Learning Initiative – Shay Sands

Mind control erotica, great concept, with a dynamic, flowing storyline. The sex and submission scenes are beautifully and sexily rendered, with the femdom scenes taking it to another level.

5 Stars

Professor Gone Wild – Shay Sands

A different perspective on the first, with a confident female professor reduced to slutty subby bimbo by the self-aware computer programme. But there’s a real, gripping sci-fi adventure here too, and as adroitly realised as the sex scenes.

4.5 Stars

Anything for Amy – Shay Sands

Striking first-person narrative from a detached and almost robotic voice, fully believable as coming from someone unaware of the way their behaviour was being altered. Is the most effective of the series from a speculative viewpoint, but still retains the eroticism.

4 Stars

Amy’s Revenge – Shay Sands

Builds strongly upon a fascinating concept and gripping storyline, while simultaneously delivering red-hot erotica and femdom, and showing self-pleasure as something beautiful too.

4.5 Stars           

Duel of the Campus Dommes – Shay Sands

Delivers comedy, thrills, a compelling final showdown, and one of the biggest group sex scenes ever written.

4 Stars

Her Boss – Amanda Carver

Hypno femdom erotica, chosen for having a subject named Jason. Great understanding of the dynamic, a really powerful subjugation of a deserving victim, and so exciting having a character with my own name on the receiving end.

4 Stars

The Power to Persuade – Amanda Carver

Beautifully written, in suitably mesmerising prose, although this domme uses scents and sensuality to completely ensnare and enslave her prey. Seeing it presented in first person from the victim’s point of view makes it all the more compelling.

5 Stars

Daring Cruelty – Jocelyn Gray

Deploys an unusual narrative technique, more tell than show, and made all the more compelling and penetrating by being written in the second person, being put in the position of the victim, being torn between envy and pity of him as he is dragged further into enslavement by the deliciously devious domme.

5 Stars

Brainwashed: Her Sissy Maid – Keary Hayes

Hard femdom with a heart of gold, this makes you want to follow the subject through their journey, and with the irresistibly hypnotic tone of the narrative, it feels very much like you are.

5 Stars

He Will Obey – edited by Jay Willowbay

It would be poor form to review my own story, but there are 20 others here, all of which had a profound, electrifying effect on me. The most impressive thing is cow convincingly and accurately some female authors can write from a male POV.

5 Stars

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 24: Christmas DeLights by Lindsay Crook (Part Two)

I love the sharp pinch, the hint of pain as she kisses down my chest, around to armpit, and to my shock starts clipping shinny baubles down my sides. The sting making my erection throb even more.

Next from the box comes red and white striped candy canes, and a filthy smile passes her lips as she drops down to her knees. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, breathing deep, hoping for her mouth. But instead she runs a candy cane around the head of my cock through the pre-cum beading there, circling the head, a hint of peppermint causing a slight burn that makes me shudder and shake as she dips the cane under my foreskin. Teasing me with the confectionery makes me sticky and so fucking needy, much to her own evident amusement and arousal.

She removes the treat and holds it in front of my mouth, so I open up and suck, tasting myself as well as the peppermint. Taking it back, she runs it down the crack of my ass and pushes it into my hole, pulling a shocked curse from my lips. I gasp when she takes another, sucking it before returning to my cock, sliding her candy cane filled mouth down my shaft. The simultaneous pleasure from both sides has me seeing stars as she continues with the candy canes, waiting till I’m on edge, needing to cum, when she stands up and steps back.

I nearly cry at the loss of tight wet heat and the tingling fresh zing of the peppermint. She flips the switch of the plug socket and the string of lights turn on, lighting me up as the human Christmas tree she had planned. Looking so pleased at her handy work she takes one more thing out of the box, an old-fashioned Polaroid camera, and starts snapping picture after picture of her living Christmas tree.

Photos fall, littering the floor, and I’m so mesmerised by them that I almost miss her seductively removing her clothes. First her jeans, which she shimmies down her long legs until she’s flicking them somewhere behind her.

The faint sound of Silent Night is playing somewhere in the house, making her strip tease even more heavenly. Her vest is next, balled up and tossed aside. She’s not wearing a bra, and I wish to a hundred different deities that my hands weren’t tied up so I could worship all that creamy smooth flesh. She stands before me in just a pure as snow, white lace thong, and my mouth waters. I know she tastes sweeter than the red and white peppermint treats she teased me with, but I wait, eager to see what happens next.

She stands on her tiptoes and places a sinful kiss on my lips, licking and nipping. She  flicks the baubles on my sore nipples, making me cringe and grunt, and she does it again, my pain turning her on so much that the damp patch on the front of her underwear gives her away.

My fingers twitch. I want to touch her so bad, but she shakes her head. She knows what I want and instead takes hold of my still hard cock, stroking her fist up and down my length. I groan in pleasure, loving her hands on me, making me impossibly harder. I grit my teeth, teetering on the edge and once again she backs away, leaving me frustrated and tense.

In front of me is my Christmas miracle, a real live angel bent at the waist, her thong pulled to the side, her folds dripping wet and shiny. Looking over her shoulder she tells me to be still: after all Christmas trees don’t move.

She backs up on to my cock and both of us groan in pleasure. Her tight wet heat is my every wish come true. She rolls her hips, taking what she wants, moaning when I hit her g-spot, sending her wild. She uses me like one her toys, fucking me hard, her ass bouncing off my groin, the slapping of our flesh drowning out the haunting sounds of hymns playing through the hidden speakers. And just as the choir hits their crescendo, she hits hers too and she screams out my name. I’m seconds behind her, no longer able to hold it back, and I let it all go, let everything go.

She stands on shaking legs with a huge smile on her face, her blonde hair a sweaty mess like a halo atop her head. She gathers up the photographs and her fallen clothes, and says with a satisfied sigh:

“Good boy … and Merry Christmas.”

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 23: Christmas DeLights by Lindsay Crook (Part One)

It’s Christmas Eve and a text message on my phone wakes me up. I fumble around my bedside table, knocking over anything in my way until my hand lands on the beeping gadget. Typing in my passcode and tapping the message app I see what or who has woken me up.

The message is from her, my mistress, my domme, my angel. It instructs me to be ready at 4 o’clock, showered and clean. It says tonight is special. That we are going to get a tree, and that the tree is going to be me? I flush at the humiliation, and the vision has me reaching under the covers squeezing my cock just once just to relieve some pressure. The message says to be waiting in nothing but … oh god crotchless knickers! I gulp and take a deep breath. I can do this, I want to do this.

I’m hot and turned on and I’ve still got hours before she arrives home. I spend the day in a daze, the time ticking by slowly, making me anxious and excited. I try to watch TV but I can’t concentrate, so I opt for Christmas music before finally deciding to get ready for the festivities.

I take my time in the shower. I shave and wash my hair, and scrub myself with my favourite body wash until my skin is shiny and clean. Stepping out of the bathroom, I hear the front door slam shut and my excited nerves became electrified. I breathe deeply, in and out before drying myself off. Then I slip into the garment I’m instructed to wear and make my way downstairs.

I look at the clock from where I’m stood – I’m in the corner, just like I’ve been told, counting down the seconds till 4 o’clock. Hands behind my back, head up and back straight, wearing nothing but red crotchless knickers. The feel of the silk against my skin makes my cock twitch and my cheeks flush with heat. I don’t know what she has planned. I just know I’m eager and ready. I’m so excited my hands tremble.

She walks into the room, so fucking sexy in tight blue jeans and a white vest of mine tied in a knot at the front, showcasing her slender hips and perfect bellybutton. Her feet are bare toes painted a deep dark red, sending a shiver down my spine. Looking me over humming in approval, she puts the box she was carrying just out of sight.

She stands in front of me and pulls out a red Santa hat with a giant gold bell right on the pointy end. Smiling, she runs her hands over my shoulders and down my arms, her nails lightly scratching, leaving goose bumps everywhere she touches. Then she turns back to the box, pulling out a string of Christmas lights, and tells me I’m about to become her living Christmas tree.

I huff out a laugh but her beautiful face tells me she’s serious, her chocolate brown eyes sparkle with mischief, and I know I’m in for a world of trouble. She starts at my ankles, kissing each one before wrapping the string around them, then up my calf where she licks the behinds of my knees, making them wobble and weak. She carries on around my thighs, kissing and biting my hip, causing me to moan deep in my chest. She moves higher with the lights around my stomach and I try not to clench my muscles. Further up my chest she stops, sucking a nipple hard enough to pull a whimper from me.

God, we’ve only just started and I’m ready to explode. Over my shoulders and down my arms till my wrists are tied together. The feeling of being restrained always turns me on, and she know it. She stands back to admire what she’s done, dipping her hand in the box and pulling out baubles, each one attached to a clip. She smirks as she looks at me, her glossy plump lips tipping up at the corners, and before I can work out what she’s planning with that mischievous look, she leans forward she bites my nipple.

I yell and squirm, but she doesn’t stop, she sucks and nibbles more, doing the same to the other side, making my nipples so tight they ache and tingle. Just when I think I can’t take anymore she clamps a gold shiny bauble to my right nipple, a glittery red one gets clipped on to my left, and I moan out loud making her giggle. She loves hearing my pleasure, so I don’t hide how I feel.


He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 22: Ruan Willow

Ruan Willow is the erotica author pen name for a multi-genre author living in the United States. She loves wine, working out, and sex, of course. She enjoys cooking, being outdoors, yoga, and prides herself on being a bit of an amateur photographer. Her passion is writing about love on multiple heat levels.

  • How long have you been writing?

I wrote even as a child and teenager. I was one of those young kids who took an empty notebook and wrote stories. I drew pictures too and it was a great outlet for me, one I enjoyed very much. As a teen, I went crazy writing poetry. My French teacher got me really going on writing poetry. She had us writing in a journal and I often wrote poetry in French. She really encouraged me and said she loved my writing; it lit a big spark in me to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a published author. It was quite therapeutic to write the poetry as a teen because I was going through a very hard time after the loss of a parent. I did take a break from writing for several years when I was working in other fields. I write in multiple genres and I am published under more than one name. All of my erotica writings are under the pen name Ruan Willow.

  • Did you have a muse for your anthology story?

Well, all my female characters have some of me in them. I feel this just happens naturally for me and pieces of me spill into each female character I write, some more, some less. A friend helped me develop my storyline and I was very grateful for male input.

  • Have you ever experienced anything close to the erotica you write?

Yes. I have done many things I have written about, but definitely not all. I have a great imagination and my brain goes to all places good and naughty, deeply naughty at times. Sh! Don’t tell! Or do…I’ll love it!

  • Female domination or Female submission what’s your preference?

I’m definitely a switch. I can go either way. I usually write characters as a female sub, but I have the great and uncanny capacity to allow my dominant brain waves to take charge and be a Domme. I’m also bisexual, so this adds another flavor to my writing. I have also written lesbian Domme/sub stories. It works for me because I can identify with both characters.

  • Who are your writing influences?

I read books across all genres, so this is hard to pinpoint. I even write nonfiction. I’m constantly reading and critiquing other author friend’s books plus I read books for current market popularity in the genres I write so I seriously cannot nail it down to a few. I’m influenced by all I read.

  • Will you be filling any stockings with our anthology this festive season?

Well, I don’t know. We shall see, but I know a few who want signed copies.

  • Are there any links you’d like to share?

Laugh out loud! The first time I read this I thought it said kinks, not links! Anyway, here are my links, filled with my kinks!

My erotica short story website is: https://ruanwillowauthor.com

I have an audio erotica channel on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/RuanWillow

I have two Twitter accounts: http://twitter.com/RaunchyIs

I have two Instagram accounts: http://instagram.com/ruanwillow


I am on Pinterest as: http://www.pinterest.com/ruanwillow

MeWe: https://mewe.com/i/ruanwillow

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 21: L.K. De Blas

L.K. De Blas writes mesmerizing hypnokink stories, and makes fantasies come true one keystroke at a time.

1) How long have you been writing?

Since summer 2019

2) Did you have a muse for your anthology story?

Not really. I had a pretty specific idea of what I wanted in this story. So it basically wrote itself.

3) Have you ever experienced anything close to the erotica you write?

Yes. A few of the chapters are based on my own experience.

I have a multitude of requests from people who want to experience it as well almost daily, but don’t have the time to engage with them.

4) Female domination or Female submission what’s your preference?

I enjoy the slow and inexorable submission of a woman.

The realisation of how good it feels to submit turns the initial resistance into a burning desire for willing servitude.

5) Who are your writing influences?

I’ve consumed hundreds of stories from MCstories.com. Slowly complementing my own writing style with elements I found to work in each story.

And of course, hypnosis and mind control in all forms of popular media has stoked the fires of my writing.

6) Will you be filling any stockings with our anthology this festive season?

I expect a few of my fans will be buying the book to support the other authors and myself.

7) Are there any links you’d like to share?

Should anyone want to read my other short stories and support me further, they can do so through this link:

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 20: Victory Von Stryker

Mistress Victory Von Stryker is a pen name for her writing and Online Personality. She is a Real Dominatrix living in the Carolinas, working under a different name. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology and has always been intrigued by what makes a person tick. When she exited a bad, abusive marriage around 10 years ago, she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands, make things fairer in her own special way.

She began writing as a child, it has always been her favorite emotional outlet, and now she writes fictionalized stories based on her life as a Bad-Ass Domme Queen.  

1) How long have you been writing?

I started writing when I was in middle school.  My mom and dad were always fighting and there was this huge, peaceful field in our backyard.  I would run out there “to the field” as I would call it, and write in my journal for hours.  Emo poetry, fantastical stories about magical animals, future dreams about being rich and famous.

2) Did you have a muse for your anthology story? 

Yes, it was based on an actual role play Hypnosis/pegging session with one of my submissives. 

3) Have you ever experienced anything close to the erotica you write?

Yes, my stories are based on my real life as what I call a Southern Sensual Dominatrix

4) Female domination or Female submission what’s your preference?

Femdom Nation Baby!  Female Domination All the Way!

5) Who are your writing influences?

Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Amber Anthony, Golden Angel, Gena Showalter, Sherilyn Kenyon, Laurell K Hamilton

6) Will you be filling any stockings with our anthology this festive season? 

I don’t really celebrate Christmas but I will be getting copies for myself and my close friends and family.

7) Are there any links you’d like to share? 

I would love for you guys to listen to my podcast if you have an interest in such things.  Thanks and I am looking forward to enjoying everyone’s work.  

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 19: Selina Shaw

Selina Shaw is an erotica writer, particularly of femdom, fantasy and queer stories. She hails from the rural North of England, and is still totally in love with the countryside and folklore she grew up with. Alongside writing, she loves other geeky stuff, like historic sites, comic books, role-playing games, and anything with witches in it. This is her first published story and she’s really excited to be part of a project with so many awesome contributors.

1) How long have you been writing?

Some of my earliest memories are of writing, and I was always coming up with romance stories as a kid (though much more wholesome than my stuff now!) I built worlds and drafted stories all through my teens and twenties, but it’s only this year that I’ve started sharing my work. I started erotica a couple of years ago, that’s when writing really clicked for me and I got my momentum going.

2) Did you have a muse for your anthology story?

I’ve been a myth nerd since childhood, but specifically I was reading the webcomic Lore Olympus and playing the Supergiant game Hades when I wrote this – they definitely got the Furies stuck in my head! Hades especially, it includes fights with them, and you can have a canon femdom romance with Megaera (Hell, yes!) My conceptions of the Underworld and the Furies are very different to those properties, but they definitely had an impact.

3) Have you ever experienced anything close to the erotica you write?

Gosh, if I experienced this story it would be WILD. I mostly write fantasy, so not super close in a literal sense. But my partner and I do practice femdom and I definitely draw on our play and conversations in my work. He’s an absolutely amazing support! He reads everything I put out, and listens endlessly to me unpicking plot holes and thinking aloud. It was him reading my SFW work and saying “I think you’d write a great sex scene” that got me started! Sometimes writing is a nice way for us to explore new ideas too. So, he and my stories are definitely intertwined, even though the events and characters don’t really resemble us.

4) Female domination or Female submission what’s your preference?

Domination for me! That said, I used to be actively nervous of female submission and that’s definitely changed as I’ve learned more about it. Both take really brave and self-possessed people to get right and stay safe. I’d always recommend switching and listening to “the other side” if you want to dom or sub.

5) Who are your writing influences?

Where to begin?? I really enjoy juicy, sensory description and making scenes fantastical, even if they’re set in the real world. I’ve learned so much about that from Joanne Harris, Angela Carter and Ray Bradbury. Carter was also a huge influence in developing a passion for writing imperfect, but powerful female characters, and using fantasy to wrangle with issues around gender and sexuality. These were the styles I was most trying to emulate in Erinyes.

Although this isn’t much present in Erinyes, I’m also a huge sucker for fun dialogue. I love getting two characters in a room and just having them banter or discuss, with lots of speedy comebacks, playfulness and tension. The works that really capture what I want from dialogue are The Princess Bride (William Goldman), The Reavers (George MacDonald Fraser), When Harry Met Sally (Nora Ephron), Barefoot in the Park and The Odd Couple (Neil Simon), Some Like it Hot (Billy Wilder), anything by Agatha Christie or Oscar Wilde, and my ultimate femdom lovers, Beatrice and Benedick from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. All these are so funny and so joyful, and the dialogue lets you really get to know and fall for the characters; it’s deep and honest, as much as it’s silly or stylised on the surface. Not a comedy, but I’d also add The Golem and the Djinni (Helene Wecker). This novel is mostly two characters talking and it is one of the most tender and compelling things I’ve ever read; the dialogue is so real, and she conveys subtext brilliantly.

As far as erotica goes, I’m newer to it, but loving the journey of finding so many wonderful writers! I would say my biggest influences so far are Janine Ashbless, who is just great at supernatural and dark stories, and Samantha MacLeod, who does awesome stuff with Norse myth (especially in bringing out its often forgotten queerness). Ashbless’ interview on the Breaking the Glass Slipper podcast was also a huge motivator for me to start exploring this genre, (strong recommend – this podcast is all about women in genre fiction!) I’ve also absolutely fallen in love with romance and erotica comics! Vivid images really inform how I think about portraying sex, and I’ve seen so many queer creators really celebrating their identities, which is beautiful. Special love to Keekal, Kataraqui, Sarah Millman, Aruudlay, C. Bedford, Jade Sarson and Tab Kimpton.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to fanfic! Fanfic writers are wildly underappreciated. I’ve read some great stuff on AO3 and writing in those communities has significantly improved my work.

6) Will you be filling any stockings with our anthology this festive season?

Sadly, my smut persona is super, tip-top secret! But my partner will definitely be unwrapping one, and I’ll be plugging it like crazy on social media!

7) Are there any links you’d like to share?

You can find me on Twitter @ShawberryTart. My stories tend to go on Literotica, currently posting a femdom vampire novella, The House of Flame Lilies, chapter by chapter: https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=5441978&page=submissions

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 18: E.M. Scarlett

E.M. Scarlett is an author and poet who has only recently given in to her temptation to write smut. She lives on the south coast of England with her two children and, to the people around her, she appears to be an innocent and quiet woman. They have no idea that she is a switch writing kinky erotica based on both her personal experiences and her vivid imagination.

1) How long have you been writing?

I have been writing on and off for maybe five years, but it would only result in a very occasional short story being written. At the beginning of this year, the urge to write was getting stronger and harder to ignore and so I started to pursue it more seriously in April.

2) Did you have a muse for your anthology story?

I didn’t have a muse, as such. It was just an idea that had been in my head for a while that wanted to be written down.

3) Have you ever experienced anything close to the erotica you write?

Yes, I have experienced some of the things that I have written about. And some of my stories come simply from my imagination. I will leave it up to the reader to decide which ones are which!

4) Female domination or Female submission what’s your preference?

As a switch, I will have to be greedy and say that I need them both! Depending on the person or situation, I am happy to either be the one dominating or the one submitting. Although I have to be extremely comfortable with someone before I will consider submitting so it’s safe to say that I spend much more time in a dominant mindset.

5) Who are your writing influences?

In terms of BDSM erotica, I have always been a big fan of Tiffany Reisz. I fell in love with her writing when I first read her Original Sinners series. She has a way of describing the feelings and the devotion behind the physical acts involved in BDSM that made me quite emotional as I read it. And because of that, I have always tried to focus more on the beauty of the emotional bond between a Dominant and submissive in my own writing.

6) Will you be filling any stockings with our anthology this festive season?

Absolutely! But only my friends. My family members don’t need to know about the stories I write lol.

7) Are there any links you’d like to share?

Of course. I have a blog where I share short stories and poetry which can be found here: www.emscarlett.wordpress.com. And I am on Twitter at @EMScarlett1. Please do come and follow me on both!

He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 17: Pearl O’Leslie

Pearl O’Leslie (O Miss Pearl) is a writer and female dominant. She writes because she wants the things she likes to be more available, and after starting a blog in 2011, rapidly discovered she was one of the more popular publishers of free online femdom stories, as well as the author of a successful dark erotic novel “The Pet Gentleman”.

Blog: http://www.omisspearl.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OMissPearl

  1. How long have you been writing?

Gosh, documented first literacy started around age 4, so I guess 1990? As far as fiction, as long as I could, as far as erotica, I’ve been writing that since I was a teen and quickly moved to positing stories online, blogging and self publishing.

  • Did you have a muse for your anthology story?

Maaaybe, but they won’t know it unless they read it.

  • Have you ever experienced anything close to the erotica you write?

This story is set in alternative reality where sexwork caters to women, so, no, but I am an active and happy dominant.

  • Female domination or Female submission what’s your preference?

I’m bi, but lean towards men, and completely dominant.

  • Who are your writing influences?

Tanith Lee, Neil Stephenson, Terry Pratchett

  • Will you be filling any stockings with our anthology this festive season?

Obviously, you should all buy a copy, and I will be clearly do so too, for everyone on my gift list.

  • Are there any links you’d like to share?

Check out my blog at omisspearl.com or give me a follow on twitter or Instagram via @omisspearl. There’s mountains of free femdom content there, both fiction and non-fiction.