Jay Willowbay’s 4 or More (End of 2016)

This is a page of my favourite erotic reads over the last couple of years. I almost called  it the Phwoar Star Plus Club, but that would  have deserved an infliction of pain that goes way beyond pleasurable.


The Night Kitten Strikes – Dahlia Morgan

A quirky little story, reminiscent of the film Black Scorpion. This realises the fantasies of many a superhero fan who wants to be wants to be overpowered by a villainess, and does it with flair, humour and sensuality.

4 Stars


Adventures of a Domme – Mistress Alora

The sex and submission scenes are suitably stimulating, but this also has a skilfully developed story line with both heart and humour, and more than a few surprises, both in the plot and the set pieces. It seems the Mistress has me held captive just as much as if I was one of her slaves!

5 Stars


Sweet Torments – Alex Jordaine

An exciting variety of sexy shorts, each hitting the spot from different angles, to form a scintillating overall experience. Of course, the presence of a lucky slave Jay in ‘Last Slave Standing’ makes that my favourite story by a distance!

4 Stars


The First Session – Esther Harshom

Undoubtedly the finest piece of hypno femdom I’ve ever read, to the extent that it’s a life-transforming experience for me. In using a second person narration, Harshom might be limiting her audience, but it’s like she’s read my mind, found my deepest fantasies and showed them to me, only even better. The absence of character names and the use of the second person makes it so easy to see myself in the action … this doesn’t just cater to my tastes, it shapes them. I’d give it six stars if I could.

5 Stars


Crystal Blue Persuasion – Esther Harshom

Another excellent piece of hypno femdom, this time with the domme using a blue jewelled necklace to seduce and entrance her lucky victims. How much did this influence me? Enough to buy my wife a blue jewelled necklace!

5 Stars


Taking Office – Lucian Carter

More hypno femdom, again using a beguiling second person narration, and again using a strategically placed blue pendant to ensnare the unsuspecting onlooker in this brief but memorable piece.

4 Stars


Dominated by the Librarian – Tara Jones

Breathtaking tale of female dominance through a character who, despite her stature, eschews seduction and beguilement to assert her superiority through force of will and physical power. Makes me feel like taking my next of library books back late on purpose.

4 Stars


The Third Pill – Esther Harshom

Clever and sexy tale examining the chemistry and psychology of mind control, through a dominant woman and a man prepared to take the challenge she issues. Builds up nicely before the final twist.

4 Stars


Sasha’s Plaything – Esther Harshom

A cocky womaniser is undone by his own hubris, and the hypnotic skill of the misfit girl he wanted as another notch on his bedpost. And as she subjects him to a series of humiliations, I find myself pitying him almost as much as I envy him.

5 Stars


The Virgin aka The Novice – Harlem Dae

Brilliant usage of dual narration to show an inexperienced man’s sexual bildungsroman on one side, and a caring domme skilfully sculpting her subject on the other. This is full of scorching set pieces, and maintains a cracking pace throughout its full length.

4 Stars


CFNM Revenge Tales – A.J. Gray

Collection of unrelated but thematically linked short stories revisiting the trope of the arrogant male character getting in his comeuppance, but always in an audacious and intoxicating style.

4 Stars


The Hypnotist – Sabrina Jen Mountford

The hard femdom specialist goes relatively gentle in showing psychological and sensual enslavement and feminisation techniques. The early mind control sections are deliriously overwhelming, and it still holds my interest even after it goes beyond the limits of my own preferences.

4 Stars


The Sisterhood: Slave Recruitment – M.J. Carey

Effective use of back and forth dual narration, portraying both sides of the femdom fetish with deftness and understanding but never shying away from the good stuff, the bad stuff, and best of all, the good bad stuff.

4 Stars


Slavery Part 1: Captured – Sabrina Jen Mountford

More characteristically hard femdom from SJM, who shows an unsuspecting man indulging his curiosity and paying the price. This caters to entrapment and kidnap fantasies, and goes further than I would, but does so in such an exciting way that I can’t help wondering, what if…?

4 Stars


Drummer Boy – Lady Dysprosia

A wide variety of scenarios; all delivered in a compelling and scintillating way, with switching dynamics for each character and an epic fantasy subplot that could support a story in its own right. This is the best thing I’ve ever read on Literotica, although doubtless helped by their being a character named Jason who is dominated by powerful goddesses!

4 Stars


The Secret Life of Girls – Chloe Thurlow

This slice of erotica is cerebral as well as sexual, with Thurlow using an unreliable narrator to great comedic and satirical effect. Refreshingly, this ain’t romance, and although the narrator isn’t always entirely likeable, the joyous way she hurtles from one new experience to another draws you in and drags you along for the ride. This is the first non-femdom book on the list, which tells you all you need to know about the quality of writing.

4 Stars


Domme – Leigh Stone

Short story collection meets mosaic novella, with each chapter featuring a compelling erotic vignette from the powerful and alluring domme of the title as she indulges in pegging, spanking, menage, and pony play before meeting someone who might be able to stand up to her. It’s a scintillating, multi-layered read; with Chapter 3 reminding me of my tantalising geographical proximity to Basingstoke, but Chapter 4 breaking my heart with the cruelly ironic quote: “Jason has never been my submissive.”

5 Stars


Coming Together in Verse – Edited by Ashley R Lister

A heady mix of the poetic and the explicit, with a wide variety of styles and subject matter, stimulating mind and body alike, and rightfully longlisted for the 2016 Saboteur Awards. My own kinky hackery aside, this is high quality throughout, but special mention has to be given to Adrea Kore’s set of poems, especially ‘Best Enjoyed Hard’, the highlight of the anthology for me and many others.

4 Stars


The Gentlemen’s Club – Emmanuelle de Maupassant

This is an erotic tour de force, delivered in a luxuriant prose which stays just the right side of overwritten, and is well in keeping with the Victorian setting. Additionally, it punctures the hubris and hypocrisy of the patriarchy of the time, the remnants of which endure today. It hits the femdom spot too, keeping this reviewer firmly in his place.

5 Stars


Domme Evolved – Leigh Stone

The Domme has indeed evolved, and this book no longer follows her career as a jobbing dominatrix, instead depicting a utopian and loving domme/sub/switch relationship. As down and dirty, daring and provocative as you could wish for, but with real heart and warmth behind it – deep down, this is a true love story which hits the spot in every way. It shows real, believable characters you can really care for, and is all the sexier for it.

5 Stars


Beast – L. Grubb

There’s a real toughness to the writing, with as convincing a bad guy male POV as I’ve read from any female author. Both male and female protagonist have a mix of strength and vulnerability, and they make a sensational and satisfying match, with sparks flying once they get together.

4 Stars


Right Where I Want You – Brantwijn Serrah

Scintillating superhero femdom with the power exchange going just the way I like it, and described in intoxicating detail. Similar to the first title on this list in terms of style and content, and written with both enthusiasm and deftness.

4 Stars


Yes Ma’am – Kay Jaybee

Exquisite variety of tales, featuring women who dominate physically or psychologically, who share their slaves with their friends or torment them by making them watch. This provides a range of scenarios which is likely to not just hit your existing fantasies, but give you new ones you never expected.

5 Stars


Femme Fatale: The Agency – C.A. Bell

Life transformation story which warms up with good characterisation and scene-setting, lulling you somewhat, before exploding with a scintillating scene which knocked this reviewer sideways. Pacing and heat levels remain high thereafter and story is strong, with great promise for a continuing series.

4 Stars


Owned – Leigh Stone

Depicts some rather hard fetish , but does so in a way that shows the love and care that can go into it, and the sense of empowerment that can come even as being the sub in the relationship. When this hits your spot it will take you on an exquisite journey, and even when it doesn’t it will be a fascinating viewpoint into the BDSM lifestyle.

4 Stars


Blue – LN Bey

It’s a substantial work that may venture into some uncomfortable places, but is almost always exciting and consistently impressive. There are so many scenarios that hit the spot, sometimes from multiple angles; all depicted adroitly, realistically and sensitively in terms of content and narrative. For example the list of rules that male sub Ken has to live by will provide an informative introduction to the lifestyle for those curious about BDSM, and some serious carnal thrills from anyone who has ever, in fantasy or reality, set such rules or been bound by them. This is a seriously sexy read from cover to cover, with the author creating an intoxicatingly inventive series of situations and driving them deep into your imagination through sweet seduction and irresistible force.

5 Stars


BDSM Poetry – C.A. Bell

Opening poem ‘Contract’ pretty much ensnared me right from the off, and retained its hold because the very act of reading on felt like an ongoing admission of obedience having accepted the terms. Difficult therefore for someone of my tastes to retain level-headed critical faculties when it goes into full-on femdom mode: ‘It’s Psychological’ put me into an intensely vulnerable state of mind, but ‘Switch’ was even harder-hitting, the title giving dramatic irony to the maledom opening and building anticipation for when it all turns around, and by the end of it I was pretty much helpless to resist ‘Mistress’ who turned up to ram home her advantage in the very next poem.

4 Stars


The Borstal Mistress – Kivutar Amy Koski

The good bits are very good: appropriately hard-hitting, exhilarating and utterly addictive, and welcome variety is added with enforced chastity, body worship, and unauthorised cumming being added to the mix. Just like every male character present here I have been well and truly beaten into submission.

4 Stars


The Houseboy – Ariana Paige

After settling in after a slow opening it delivers a scintillating scene of a young sub giving himself completely to a woman almost twice his age. But what’s both sweet and clever here is that it isn’t all one way traffic. The house boy, despite his youth, is the more experienced of the two at this kind of thing, and to some extent he tops from the bottom; leading and guiding the first time dominatrix, who at times loses control of herself. She says please and thank you, and admits: “I had no power. He owned me now.”

5 Stars


The Houseboy Part 2 – Ariana Paige

There is a lot more story in this second part, and once again an adroitly evolving plot. Or perhaps that should be revolving, since the narrative arc cleverly begins and ends in the same place, but there are of course twists, and fittingly, kinks in that graceful loop. There’s a lot more tenderness in their – dare I say it – lovemaking than you’d expect from a strictly domme / sub relationship, but that’s no bad thing, and all the more believable and appealing for it. This is a worthy extension and expansion to the first story, striking a good balance between being an engaging storyline and still a hot read.

4 Stars








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