This is the femdom hypnosis induction scene from my future release, Shagnasty Submits …


Oh poor you; you look so tired, sweetie! Tired but cute, I mean. You deserve to relax now … come, lie on the couch and I’ll look after you. Your muscles are all so tense and weary from the flights, but I’ll soon massage all that tension away.

Yes, this dim lighting will help you unwind. It’s all candle light, and so sweetly scented just for you. These other glowing embers are burning incense. Breathe them in honey, because these soothing smells, my soothing hands, and my soothing voice will soon chase all your cares away.

That feels good, doesn’t it? My touch and my words make you so relaxed … my touch and my words feel so good … my touch and my words are taking you under.

Oh look at you now, fighting to keep awake, trying so hard to keep your eyes open. Don’t fight it sweetie. You will give in. My persuasion is stronger than your resistance. You will give in, and that’s when the pleasure starts.

Is it because I’m so pretty? Is that why you’re so desperately aching to keep those eyes open? That’s okay then; take a nice long look at my face, at this face you’re already starting to love. Stare longingly into my deep brown eyes … lose yourself in my deep brown eyes … lose yourself … you are lost now, lost in my eyes forever, and you never want to find your way out again.

Close your eyes now sweetie, and you’ll still be able to see me in your mind’s eye. I’ll be there behind your eyelids, guiding you, taking control of you, taking your worries away.


Now that your eyes are closed, my words have deeper resonance, my touch sends tingles of bliss throughout your entire body, and it’s so difficult to open your eyes back up again.

Give it a try. Try for me, sweetie.

Are you trying yet? Oh yes, I think I can see some movement. But it’s so hard … your eyelids are so heavy … you just want to close them again. Close them tight. Keep them closed. You don’t want to open your eyes again, and even if you did, you couldn’t.

That’s better. Let go of your conscious mind, and just focus on my words, and my touch. Your body craves my touch. I’m going to take my hands away now sweetie, but you will still feel them. You will feel them massaging your mind, and taking you deeper down. Surrender to that feeling. Surrender … surrender.

Now picture yourself on a beach, with beautiful golden sand, and a sea that is the clearest blue you have ever seen. I want you to step slowly across the sand, to the water’s edge. Feel your bare feet sink into the sand as you walk, sinking into the sand just like you’re sinking into a trance. Step towards the water … keep going … nearly there … and now you get to the water’s edge.

Take one little step into the sea, and feel the cool, blue water flowing over your feet, washing away all of your stress, washing away all of your thoughts, washing away all of your resistance.

Look out over the ocean, and see me in the water waiting for you. I want you to come to me. I want you to come to me and belong to me. Walk towards me.

Good … good.

With every step you take, the water washes away your control. With every word I say, you can feel your free will ebbing away. By the time you reach me in the water, you will be all mine.

You’re nearly there now. Sinking into the water just like you’re sinking into a trance, until all you have left is your devotion to me. You’re nearly ready to submit to me completely. Only five more steps until you come within reach of me … four … three … two … one … and you’re here. I’m so close you can touch me. Touch me. Reach out and touch me, and give yourself to me willingly.

Good. Ohh, good. Sleep for me now. Obey. Sleep for me. Obey.

You’re mine now, in a trance so deep that my every word will imprint itself indelibly on your subconscious. My mind is your mind. My thoughts are your thoughts, and everything I say is the undeniable truth to you.

You are helpless to resist. You are powerless to disobey. From now on, you only live to serve me. Submitting to me gives you a warm and comfortable feeling all over. Obeying my orders gives you an erotic surge that feels like an orgasm. But you can never ejaculate without my permission.

After you awake, you will be strongly influenced to obey my commands, to believe whatever I tell you, to try to please me in any you can. But when I put on my boots, you will become even more submissive. Whenever you see me in my boots you will become incredibly aroused. You will instantly gain a solid, throbbing erection, and you will retain it until I allow you to ejaculate, or order you to become soft.

Whenever you see me wearing my boots, you will address me as Mistress Bossy Boots. You will yearn to worship me. You will yearn to worship my boots; to lick their fragrant leather, and suck on their high heels like you wish I would suck your cock, but you know I never will.

You will be unable to disobey any command I give you, however difficult or impossible it is to carry out. You will accept my every suggestion as indisputable fact, however unlikely it may seem to be true. My approval will mean everything to you, and give you a pride and sense of achievement greater than anything you have previously experienced. But my rebuke will cause unbearable feelings of loss, grief and remorse until I choose to forgive you.

These commands are ingrained in you now. They supersede your own thoughts, and they will always be there, without fading away. But you will never consciously remember me telling you this, and you will never have any awareness or realisation of having been hypnotised. You will never understand how you came to feel this way; in fact you will believe you have felt this way forever.

I’m going to bring you back soon, and when I do you will know that you belong to me, and your only desire is to serve and obey me. I’m going to count you down from five, and when I snap my fingers you will awake, but drown once more in my hypnotic brown eyes and want to worship me forever.

Five …

Four …

Three …

Two …

One …





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