A Treat for You

Be a good girl and get on the bed. Lie nice and flat for me pet. I’m going to tie you down now.

Ohhh, I see you like the thought of that. And you like the thought of obeying me even more, don’t you? Even before I start, the acts of submission and obedience bring you such pleasure, don’t they? You probably even think that’s the greater part of the pleasure. But by the time I have finished with you sweet pet, you will know what pleasure really is.

I shouldn’t really need to tie you down at all, if I simply tell you to keep still, you will try. You will try so very hard to keep still, sweet pet, but these restraints are to keep you in place if you lose control of your body, and buck and writhe in unendurable pleasure. And you WILL buck and writhe in unendurable pleasure, sweet pet, when I have a treat for you.

Ah, there you are, all strapped in, arms and legs splayed, completely at my mercy. You look so heavenly when you are completely at my mercy, sweet pet. I think I shall enjoy this almost as much as you do.

You do not have permission to speak. But you do have permission to make noises, to emit gasps, and sighs, and moans, and screams of pleasure. And you WILL emit gasps, and sighs, and moans, and screams of pleasure, sweet pet, when I have a treat for you. Even though I’m not even going to touch you at first.


I bring my face close to yours, so that our lips are so nearly touching. But not quite. Instead, the delicious electric spark of mutual desire crackles between us. I look into your eyes, fall into them, drown in them, and see my own adoration reflected back. But I do not touch you. Not yet.

My hands circle millimetres above your heaving breasts, massaging the aura of your arousal. Your nipples harden so thoroughly, grow so big, that they seem to be stretching up to try and reach my hand. But instead they are gone, replaced by my face, which excites you further. I breathe in your scent, that intoxicating cocktail of perfume and arousal, and breathe out onto the bullet-like buds of your nipples. Your reaction makes me furiously hard, but I pull away. One of us has to have some self-control.

I continue to blow on your divine body, pursed lips distributing cooling air all the way down to your belly button. I linger there for a few tantalising moments, before I move further down and find myself gazing enraptured into the inviting paradise of your pussy, so close I can already taste you. The tiniest flick of my tongue would drive it into you. But instead I penetrate you with air, blowing firmly and evenly into you. And I penetrate you with tone and vibration, humming and growling at your entrance, and your pussy twitches and gurgles with every low, deep rumble.

You moan again, with frustration, as I move away. I did not give you permission to moan with frustration, only pleasure, so that transgression will require a spanking. Had I access to your backside I would put a handprint on it right now. Instead your punishment will be deferred, but rest assured sweet pet, you WILL be spanked for this.

But for now I settle for teasing and tormenting you still further. I hum and blow my down your gorgeous legs, tickling your skin with my breath and tantalising you with my proximity. And then I arrive at your feet. Such cute and dainty feet! I purse my lips again and blow ever so gently on your soles, almost a whistle. You curl and crunch your toes, it’s a slight movement, but it’s about as much as your restraints will allow, so I know you’re feeling it.

I feel it too pet, that urge to touch. And I can now, having gone all the way down your body without touching, I can take the hands-on approach on my way back up. Or a tongue-on approach. Oh pet, I have a treat for you.

I lick the soles of your feet, savouring the flavour as you squirm and purr to my touch. I suckle at each perfect toe as I run my fingertips up and down your shins and calves, luxuriating in the silky smooth sheen of your skin, before tickling the back of your knees, drawing a whimper that makes me grin.

I finish with your feet and look up to watch each hand scuttling up your inner thighs like two five legged spiders, leaving trails of tingles as they plot their inexorable course for where you want them to be.

I run my fingers in an arc around your eager pussy in ever decreasing circles, a hypnotic spiral of pleasure for us both to sink into, until I reach the middle, that sweet, inviting entrance. And when I get there, I have a treat for you.

I continue to circle, but now it’s just on that one sweet spot, fingertips teasing and tweaking on that sensitive clit, rubbing the nub, rubbing rubbing, teasing tweaking, over and over. I am in no hurry, sweet pet.

And finally I sink my fingers deep into that dripping pool, probing, exploring, finding every sweet spot and giving it my full attention, maximum stimulation, rubbing pinching thrusting, teasing tickling thrusting, stroking poking thrusting, thrusting thrusting thrusting, thrusting thrusting thrusting, thrusting thrusting thrusting.

I revel in the sweet joyous aria you sing to me, a symphony of ecstasy. It makes me forget myself. I bring my fingers, soaked in you, to my mouth, and suck. You taste like heaven, sweet pet, like hope, like joy, like love. And even though it’s you who lies there bound and compliant, it is me who is weakening.

I can no longer fight the urge to suckle. I need to sample this nectar straight from the source. I bring my face in close, breathe you in, and kiss. A kiss on the lips, so gentle, a mark of my devotion. And then a furtive flick of my tongue, a lightning raid into your inner sanctum, an all too brief taste of paradise. It’s not enough.

I grab at your ass, each peachy cheek gripped in one strong hand, and I lift you towards me as I press my face into you, tongue fully extended and drinking you in. I lap and lap and lap, a sinewy serpent sliding into you, reaching deep, arousing you, stimulating you, tasting you, loving you. I start to alternate between those long, loving licks, and rapid fire quick flicks on the nub, over and over, lick flick, lick flick, lick flick, until I feel you shudder and hear you moan as you squirt so hard into me, hitting the back of my throat, and I drink it down so greedily and gleefully.

I continue moving up, my tongue circling your belly button, before I lick a trail up towards your breasts and allow myself an awestruck gasp of appreciation when I get there. Forgetting myself, I bury my head in between them, and it feels like home. I lose myself in the soft warm darkness, but bring my hands up to knead and caress them, the thumbs working away at the nipples for your pleasure. And when I finally manage to pull my head away, it’s so I can take those beautiful breasts in my mouth, sucking hard, suckling hard, adding in sharp little nibbles and gentle bites, little bursts of pleasure pain for your delectation. And then I so the same up your neck, licking kissing biting, licking kissing biting, licking kissing biting, until we are face to face once more.

Oh, that face! On my tour down and up your body, I’d almost forgotten how beautiful you are. That face I can’t resist. That face I fell in love with. I get caught in your gaze and want to stay there forever. Your eyes draw me in, closer, closer until our lips meet. And we kiss. Gently at first, almost incongruously sweet and shy, little rosebud pecks to ramp up the anticipation. And then with ever greater passion and energy, need rising in both of us as our tongues intertwine, and we go at one another with ravenous ferocity, deep, longing kisses, an exchange of auras, a meeting of souls.

I am desire, distilled into its purest form. I must have you. And above all, I must give myself to you completely. I have a treat for you.

I finally pull out my hungry, desperate cock. It is larger than I’ve ever seen it, pulsating and raging, the head so engorged that I can’t see how it will fit into you. I look into your eyes and see my own need reflected in them. You crave this as much as I do, don’t you pet?

I push my cock very gently at your opening and your lips eagerly clamp down on my throbbing helmet. I hold it there while my fingers play with your nipples again, and I lean in for another kiss. Our lips meet, our tongues meet, and it feels so right.

And I push my cock in. Firmly but smoothly, I push my cock all the way in. Reaching so deep, filling you so completely, wanting you so much. The time for gentleness is over, sweet pet.

My instincts take over, my self-control in tatters, and my push turns into a slam, a thrust of lust, all my power, all my energy, all my aggression, every ounce of strength I have, every muscle in my body, concentrated on propelling my cock into you with awesome force and velocity. Ram slam, ram slam, ram slam, in out, in out, in out, hitting you hard, hitting you deep, hitting you places you’ve never been hit before.

And you thrust your body back at me with equal force and voraciousness, fighting so hard against your restraints that I think you might break them. But you are held, dear pet, bound to me, and it is I who will bring you pleasure. Ram slam, ram slam, ram slam, so deep, so good, so close. Ohh god, so close!

I feel you shuddering to your own earth-shattering orgasm, and it triggers mine. Your pussy clamps round my aching cock and squeezes, squeezes, squeezes. I throw my head back and let out a feral, stentorian roar as my cock releases, oh that incredible release! A jet, a torrent, a tsunami of cum shooting into you in ecstatic waves, over and over, pumping my seed into you, filling you so completely, so deliciously, so deliriously. I hear music, I see colours, I see Heaven, and after a moment when my head clears, it’s even better. I see you.

I lean in and we kiss again, keeping it gentle this time as we both bask in the afterglow, before I pull away and catch you in my gaze.

You have permission to speak now pet, but only to thank me.

Thank me pet.

Thank me.