My Top 5 Reads of 2018

Hypnodomme: Memoirs of a Professional Hypnotic Dominatrix – Hypnosis Goddess

Autobiography of one of the world’s leading hypnodommes, granting a never before seen look at the reality behind the fantasy. This punctures many a myth of the rich, pampered princess tended to by her minions, and instead shows the creativity, hard work, and business acumen that was invested into the venture. It also gives some induction examples, which are always a pleasant read.

4 Stars


Sex, Lies & Sinful Wives – C.A. Bell

Smart, sassy tales, rich in charm, humour and irony. And how they sizzle and smoulder! The second story is one of the most erotic I have ever read, only to be surpassed immediately by the next one, which caused a sudden bathroom emergency in my lunch break at work!

4.5 Stars


Yes, Mistress – N.J. Cole  

This has some absolutely exhilarating femdom early on, enough to cause another sprint to the office bathroom. It’s mostly lesdom from that point, which is not just (extremely) sexy but also depicts the sub/domme relationship convincingly and lovingly, conveying the vulnerability and generosity of the top and offering empowerment and a measure of equality for the submissive. This is great as both a compelling story, and as a sexy read.

4.5 Stars


Serving Mistress Quinn – N.J. Cole

N.J. Cole again, with a bonus novelette after Yes Master. A fearsome paranormal dominatrix and a painslut submissive combining to erotically electrifying effect. But as with so much of this author’s work, it has a heart of gold as well, and I don’t mind a bit of sweetness with the kink.

5 Stars


Mistress Comes First – Ava Sterling

Lovely, gentle seduction and domination, almost hypnotic in approach. Both characters are likeable and the dynamic is presented sympathetically, showing it to be mutually beneficial with neither partner being disadvantaged, so that readers on either side of the power play would want to be there with them.

4.5 Stars