Femdom Factory Contents

I’m very happy to announce the story list for my new collection, The Femdom Factory!
To Serve Her Better
Erotic poem showing a slave’s devotion to his Mistress
Real Men Scrub Floors
A sub gets the ultimate reward for his good behaviour
Yes, M’Lady (with Billie King)
A would-be pool hustler finds himself suddenly out of his depth.
The Office Junior (with Billie King)
A devoted manservant finds himself given a new role at, or under, his Mistress’s desk.
On the Clock (with Billie King)
The manservant gets an extra-special, extra sexy task in this race against time.
The Winter Queen
A lonely man ventures out on a snowy night, to find more than he’d bargained for at the local pub.
A man wakes up in a bathtub, at the mercy of a beautiful and mysterious woman.
The Tastiest Tease
A starving sub finally gets to eat – but what’s on the menu?
Massaging the Mistress
A lucky pet gets to show his devotion with his hands, and more.
The Sub’s Revenge
A Babygirl dares to take on her Daddy Dom at his specialist game? Can she win, and what if she does?
The Evolution of Kyle
An author tries things out in the name of research, but encounters a powerful Mistress who makes it all so real.
Is it Safe?
A predatory rogue dentist tries to gas out a patient and have his way with her, but she has other ideas.
A star footballer gets injured, and finds that his nurse supports his team’s hated rivals.
It Started With a Gif
A man’s social media browse leads to him getting more and more obsessed with a beautiful woman and her beguiling posts.
Sexy Little Things
A submissive couple give themselves up to two beautiful and powerful dommes.
The Acceptance of Discipline
A chauvinistic man goes for an attitude adjustment, and finds his resolve tested to the limit, and beyond.
Maid for Each Other
When a boyfriend spots a French Maid outfit in his home, he thinks his girlfriend will be modelling it, little knowing that it’s his time to serve.
The Sub-Way
An routine walk home from work turns into something else, when a man encounters two tough girls in an underpass.