He Will Obey Advent Calendar Day 1: Introduction

Happy December, and welcome to the He Will Obey advent calendar! This first window is my introduction, to both the calendar and the anthology itself.

The next 23 entries over 23 days, leading up to Christmas Eve, will include author features of all 21 contributors to the anthology, and end with a two part serialisation of the anthology’s final, festive themed story, ‘Christmas DeLights’ by Lindsay Crook.

The anthology itself should be available to buy within the next few days, well over a month after I had originally expected. I suppose I’d been a bit naïve in my outlook: read the stories, love the stories, chuck ‘em in and sell it.

The first two points came true, in style, but the rest is unfortunately, hugely over-simplified. Reader, this has not been easy, and I issue these words of warning to any would-be editors out there: Once you get past the fun part, and down to reality, there are so many tiny little details, niggly and time consuming, that have to addressed: what font everyone writes in, what size, whether they single or double space between lines, whether they single or double space after full stops, whether they indent paragraphs, and if so how far, how long their dashes are, how frequently they use them, what shape their speech marks are, whether they demarcate between sections with a gap, a line, or an asterisk, where they use bold type, where they use italics, where they use block capitals, or where they underline words to emphasise them. Oh, and if you’re dealing in erotica, as we are, there’s the matter of whether the act of ejaculation is spelt ‘cum’ or ‘come’. And even still, this list is far from exhaustive.

The net result is a project which has both kicked my ass and put me in a chokehold, while I flail wildly at not just this, but other, pressing real name projects of fiction and academia which have backed up while I wrestle this big bad beast.

I don’t mean to sound down, and I’m not. All the above is totally worth it. Doing this is realising a long held, bucket list ambition for me, and what’s more, I have been greatly privileged to get the first look at so many amazing stories. I am hugely honoured to be giving debut publishing credits to talented new authors. And I hope to soon be basking in the reflected and mutual glory of some enthusiastic and positive feedback, along with a high chart position.

I make no apology for being fiercely ambitious about this anthology’s success; I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into this, and it means so much more to me than the modest financial rewards of being a self-published author. I want to hold the paperback and stare proudly at its gorgeous cover. I want to follow its chart position on both sides of the Atlantic. I want to read every review that comes in. And I want to see every author featured inside it go from strength to strength, in writing, in other creative pursuits, and in life. We’re a team now.

So this might be a good time to introduce the team. You’ll be finding out a fair bit more about them, one by one, day by day, but for now, here is a list of the authors’ names, and the titles and very brief blurbs of the stories they’ve written. You have my permission to get excited.

1. Jared’s First Session – Luna Lavender

A new sub is stunned to discover the full scope of his Goddess’s hypnotic power.

2. Sadistic Wet Dreams – Duchess Cashmere

A submissive couple make an unforgettable appearance in a domme’s subconscious.

3. Surprise for Mommy’s Boy – Lola Lawrence

A mommy domme treats her pet to a surprise he could never have expected.

4. Dancing for the Girls – MH Macdonald

A long-term chastity sub endures humiliation upon humiliation, in the hope of his superiors taking pity on him.

5. Date Night – Hope Parker

A loving couple have a special occasion where she makes the rules.

6. The Doctor is In – Victory Von Stryker

A smoker visits a hypnotist to try and give up, but she has far more enjoyable behavioural alterations in mind.

7. Diana, Goddess of the Hunt – Brenda Blacklove

A vampire queen revels in the seductive power of her influence, and reminisces about her making.

8. Stage Fright – Keary Hayes

A sissy sub is shocked to find their transformation is far more public than they’d expected.

9. Three Layers Removed – LN Bey

An eavesdropping neighbour finds himself being dragged ever deeper into the overheard world of a domme/sub couple.

10. Endless Pleasures – EM Scarlett

A commanding domme finds the pinnacle of love and eroticism in keeping her sub in chastity.

11. Harley’s Peeping Punishment – Ruan Willow

A sexy MILF catches her son’s friend spying on her, and teaches him a lesson neither of them will ever forget.

12. Three Trances – LK De Blas

Your ex turns up at your door, and you want nothing more than to be rid of her. But do you have enough willpower? Or has she become too persuasive to resist?

13. No 13, Baby – Jay Willowbay

A sub foolishly takes on his Mistress at a fiendish, high-stakes challenge. Can he summon what it takes to beat the odds, or must he face the consequences.

14. Come Down, Come Down – Jaymie Wagner

A graduate takes to the waves on a fishing boat, but the ocean depths have never been so enticing.

15. Marie Likes to Win – The Barefoot Sub

A femme sub’s competitive nature leads her to find her switchy side, but can she break the alpha male she wants to turn the tables on?

16. Window Shopping – Pearl O’Leslie

A dominant woman hires a gigolo, but rather than keep him to herself, uses him to put on a solo show.

17. Razor’s Edge Gifts – Bentley Williamson

A customer at a phone sex agency can’t get any satisfaction, until he finally gets through to the domme of his dreams.

18. Mask On, Thoughts Off – Heart

A young hypnotist tries a cheeky experiment, but it grows out of hand when the global pandemic exposes everyone to her influence.

19. Her Star Pupil – C Berwington

A young switch takes her turn to be the dominant partner with her professor boyfriend.

20. Erinyes – Selina Shaw

A sinner must face the Furies as punishment for his wrongdoing, only to find that penitence can be the ultimate pleasure.

21. Christmas DeLights – Lindsay Crook

A domme/sub couple celebrate the festive season by decorating the tree in a unique and kinky way.

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