Massaging the Mistress

I walk in to find you naked, lying on your front. Needless to say, I’m naked too, as I have always been in your presence since you claimed me. I harden instantly, and enjoy an all too brief moment of drinking in your beautiful body, memorising every curve before you issue your command. “I need to relax,” you say, “relax me, slave.”

Distracted by the exquisite vision before me, it takes me a little while to realise that you want, no, demand a massage, You don’t like to be kept waiting, and tut at me. It shakes me from my dreamlike reverie, and I fear that you will remember this mistake and punish me for it. Not the spanking or pegging ‘punishments’ that you know I crave, but the far worse censure of denial, or exclusion, or being ignored. But I push that thought out of my head: right now I have a chance to touch you, to feel you, and I hope, impress you enough not to banish me.

I place my hands on the small of your back, and gasp my appreciation at the divine softness of your skin. I start to knead my palms into your yielding flesh there, but my eyes are fixed just below, on the luscious curves and contours of your bare ass. I see movement there, twerking – for me! – and lose myself in that hypnotic rhythm before resuming the task in hand. Even I couldn’t miss that hint.

So I cup that ripe, juicy peach, one smooth, soft cheek in each grateful hand, and resume that kneading motion. I push the cheeks together and pull them apart, all the while working in each finger, and probing with my thumbs. I see the bottle of baby oil you’ve laid out alongside you; it’s new and completely full, so I don’t need to be sparing with it.

I raise it high to tip it over above you, so the oil cascades down and splashes on your bare exposed backside, and from the way you writhe and moan under the stream, it’s clearly a pleasurable sensation. I rub it in, working it with my fingers, while the thumbs one by one, accidentally on purpose, just push a little teasing way into your asshole. You moan again, and this time gasp my name. Not my title, not ‘slave’, but my actual name. My cock, already achingly hard, bobs wildly in appreciation, and my helmet pulsates wishfully.

I reluctantly move my oily hands from your butt, but I have a plan in mind. I drizzle a long, thick line from your butt crack all the way up to the back of your neck, and then slowly follow it up with my hands, rubbing the oil around, into your skin, relaxing the muscles.

By the time I reach your shoulders I am leaning over you at such an angle that my chest has picked up a slick sheen of the oil, the wisps of hair flattened down to glide smoothly over your back. Down below, my cock is also glistening with oil, and perhaps a little pre-cum where it’s been rubbing teasingly over your butt cheeks. Oh god, I can’t take it anymore, I need you so fucking much!

I’m taking such a risk that I’m trembling with fear as much as desire, but I’m too lost in you to stop myself. I hold the throbbing head of my cock against your hole and push; gently, but enough to make my intentions perfectly clear. I expect a furious reaction, but instead you moan lightly and push back against me and I am in.

It feels like I am home, that I’ve finally found the place I truly belong. I start to push, so very gently, tentatively. “Don’t fucking tease me, slave,” you say, “And don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Responding to your words, I push again, working up a good rhythm; harder, faster, thrusting from my hips and muscular thighs and reaching deep inside you.

“Ohhhh, fuck, that’s good,” you purr, “But don’t you dare cum until I have!”

I try to reply that I promise I won’t, but all that comes out is a frantic, garbled gasp. I so desperately want to cum, and you know it so well. You must want an excuse to punish me, because you start to work and twerk at me, your ass gripping and releasing, teasing me in a way that takes me right to the edge in seconds. And then you tell me how much I love this, and how badly I ache and yearn to shoot my load. I already know this, but you telling me so brings it even closer.

This is the sweetest, most exquisite, most agonising torture I have ever known. But I push back harder and faster, racing to the line and trying so hard to take you with me. And I know I’ve found somewhere in you that really works, because your tormenting words have given way to a succession of short, fast panting, and I know you’re close.

But oh fuck, so am I. Every fibre of my being wants to propel my seed into you, to give myself to you even more completely than I already have. But I fight it, oh so hard, for now at least. Every muscle in my body is tensed, teeth grinding, eyes bulging. A shudder sets in and wracks through my whole body, and you feel it too. Only knowing how close you are gives me the determination not to give into the feeling just yet.

I push and push, on and on. I close my eyes and see swirls and colours in my mind, and your moans and gasps of pleasure are the sweetest music I have ever heard. “Ohh,” you murmur, “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”

Your volume increases, I luxuriate in in it. “Oh yeah, slave! Oh shit … oh … oh fuck, so close! Oh! Yes! Now, slave! Cum for me, cum, cum!”

You don’t need to tell me three times. I give into that carnal need, that ultimate desire, with a release I feel throughout my entire body. All that I am is here to pump into you, reaching so deep within to fill you up as we both soar on the ecstatic wave of mutual orgasm, and ride the ripples of continuing after-pleasure, before we both sink back, sated and soaked, into your luxurious feather bed.

I lay a gentle kiss on your neck. “Thank you Mistress – are you relaxed enough now?”



This is the femdom hypnosis induction scene from my future release, Shagnasty Submits …


Oh poor you; you look so tired, sweetie! Tired but cute, I mean. You deserve to relax now … come, lie on the couch and I’ll look after you. Your muscles are all so tense and weary from the flights, but I’ll soon massage all that tension away.

Yes, this dim lighting will help you unwind. It’s all candle light, and so sweetly scented just for you. These other glowing embers are burning incense. Breathe them in honey, because these soothing smells, my soothing hands, and my soothing voice will soon chase all your cares away.

That feels good, doesn’t it? My touch and my words make you so relaxed … my touch and my words feel so good … my touch and my words are taking you under.

Oh look at you now, fighting to keep awake, trying so hard to keep your eyes open. Don’t fight it sweetie. You will give in. My persuasion is stronger than your resistance. You will give in, and that’s when the pleasure starts.

Is it because I’m so pretty? Is that why you’re so desperately aching to keep those eyes open? That’s okay then; take a nice long look at my face, at this face you’re already starting to love. Stare longingly into my deep brown eyes … lose yourself in my deep brown eyes … lose yourself … you are lost now, lost in my eyes forever, and you never want to find your way out again.

Close your eyes now sweetie, and you’ll still be able to see me in your mind’s eye. I’ll be there behind your eyelids, guiding you, taking control of you, taking your worries away.


Now that your eyes are closed, my words have deeper resonance, my touch sends tingles of bliss throughout your entire body, and it’s so difficult to open your eyes back up again.

Give it a try. Try for me, sweetie.

Are you trying yet? Oh yes, I think I can see some movement. But it’s so hard … your eyelids are so heavy … you just want to close them again. Close them tight. Keep them closed. You don’t want to open your eyes again, and even if you did, you couldn’t.

That’s better. Let go of your conscious mind, and just focus on my words, and my touch. Your body craves my touch. I’m going to take my hands away now sweetie, but you will still feel them. You will feel them massaging your mind, and taking you deeper down. Surrender to that feeling. Surrender … surrender.

Now picture yourself on a beach, with beautiful golden sand, and a sea that is the clearest blue you have ever seen. I want you to step slowly across the sand, to the water’s edge. Feel your bare feet sink into the sand as you walk, sinking into the sand just like you’re sinking into a trance. Step towards the water … keep going … nearly there … and now you get to the water’s edge.

Take one little step into the sea, and feel the cool, blue water flowing over your feet, washing away all of your stress, washing away all of your thoughts, washing away all of your resistance.

Look out over the ocean, and see me in the water waiting for you. I want you to come to me. I want you to come to me and belong to me. Walk towards me.

Good … good.

With every step you take, the water washes away your control. With every word I say, you can feel your free will ebbing away. By the time you reach me in the water, you will be all mine.

You’re nearly there now. Sinking into the water just like you’re sinking into a trance, until all you have left is your devotion to me. You’re nearly ready to submit to me completely. Only five more steps until you come within reach of me … four … three … two … one … and you’re here. I’m so close you can touch me. Touch me. Reach out and touch me, and give yourself to me willingly.

Good. Ohh, good. Sleep for me now. Obey. Sleep for me. Obey.

You’re mine now, in a trance so deep that my every word will imprint itself indelibly on your subconscious. My mind is your mind. My thoughts are your thoughts, and everything I say is the undeniable truth to you.

You are helpless to resist. You are powerless to disobey. From now on, you only live to serve me. Submitting to me gives you a warm and comfortable feeling all over. Obeying my orders gives you an erotic surge that feels like an orgasm. But you can never ejaculate without my permission.

After you awake, you will be strongly influenced to obey my commands, to believe whatever I tell you, to try to please me in any you can. But when I put on my boots, you will become even more submissive. Whenever you see me in my boots you will become incredibly aroused. You will instantly gain a solid, throbbing erection, and you will retain it until I allow you to ejaculate, or order you to become soft.

Whenever you see me wearing my boots, you will address me as Mistress Bossy Boots. You will yearn to worship me. You will yearn to worship my boots; to lick their fragrant leather, and suck on their high heels like you wish I would suck your cock, but you know I never will.

You will be unable to disobey any command I give you, however difficult or impossible it is to carry out. You will accept my every suggestion as indisputable fact, however unlikely it may seem to be true. My approval will mean everything to you, and give you a pride and sense of achievement greater than anything you have previously experienced. But my rebuke will cause unbearable feelings of loss, grief and remorse until I choose to forgive you.

These commands are ingrained in you now. They supersede your own thoughts, and they will always be there, without fading away. But you will never consciously remember me telling you this, and you will never have any awareness or realisation of having been hypnotised. You will never understand how you came to feel this way; in fact you will believe you have felt this way forever.

I’m going to bring you back soon, and when I do you will know that you belong to me, and your only desire is to serve and obey me. I’m going to count you down from five, and when I snap my fingers you will awake, but drown once more in my hypnotic brown eyes and want to worship me forever.

Five …

Four …

Three …

Two …

One …




The Sub-Way

Going through this subway after working late is always nerve-wracking, and tonight is no different. I spot someone else in the dull semi-illuminated underpass, heading towards me, but give a little sigh of relief as I realise it’s only a girl. Her facial expression is stern, but to me, alluring. I can’t stop myself smiling her way.

“What are you looking at?”

Her words stop me in my tracks. I try to reply but can’t find my voice.

“Rich boy in a posh suit gotta pay to look at me. And you gotta pay to go through this subway too.”

I mumble some kind of incoherent apology and turn to retrace my steps and choose the overpass. But I find my way blocked by another girl, young and attractive, but looking mean and moody in leggings and a denim jacket.

“Where you going?” And then to her friend, “He don’t wanna pay us!”

The first girl steps forward, closing the distance between us, so close I can smell her perfume. It’s intoxicating. I wonder how I smell to her; a heady cocktail of fear and arousal, probably.

“Give me your wallet, rich boy.”

She doesn’t raise her voice; she doesn’t need to. She whispers the words, purrs them, yet her tone is utterly commanding as it reverberates around the subway. I hand over the wallet, without a shred of resistance.

Her eyes widen in surprise at my instant capitulation. She adopts a wicked smile, but it’s not for me; she exchanges knowing looks with her friend. And it’s the friend who says, “Now get down on your knees!”

I do, berating myself for my surrender. Why am I doing this? I could have pushed past either of them and ran away. But I handed over my wallet and got on my knees simply because they told me to!

The humiliation and shame burns within me. To my surprise, and further shame, I find myself liking it: as I bow my head I see that my rock hard cock is pitching a massive tepee in the front of my suit trousers. My captors also notice.

“Ooh, rich boy likes being bossed about!” says the first girl.

“Dirty pervert,” sneers her friend, “We should cut it off!”

“I’ve got a better idea. Let’s put that thing to good use. Pants off rich boy, let’s see what you got!”

I hesitate momentarily, but the looks I receive compel me to obey. I take off my trousers and boxers, and my hardon springs free.

“Now lie down on your back, rich boy!”

I do, and my vision goes black. Something has been thrown over my face, and I only realise it’s the friend’s leggings when they’re removed, and I see her standing naked over me. My cock bobs, pulsing its appreciation, and the next thing I know the first girl has it in hand. She squats down, lowering herself onto me and guiding me into her, while her friend makes herself comfortable sitting on my face.

She grinds herself against me; I’m already lapping and she seems to like it. I alternate between driving my tongue as deep as I can, and rapid-fire flicks over her sweet little nub. She tastes divine.

My sensations are heightened by the first girl riding my cock. She’s none too gentle, bouncing up and down like an Olympic trampolinist and slamming my naked backside into the pavement. I can feel it grazing and scratching my soft cheeks, but I don’t mind. The pain is lost amidst all the pleasure responses I’m experiencing.

I can only see ass and thighs, but I can hear what’s going on above me. The two girls are kissing, and playing with each other’s tits as they ride my face and cock. The sounds of their smooching and squelching drive me crazy; being so close but unable to see it is the most exquisite torture. And as the first girl picks up the pace she can sense that I’m ready to cum.

There’s another jolt of pleasure-pain as she digs her nails into my thigh. “Don’t cum yet, rich boy! If you do it’ll be your last time ever!”

They grind and writhe against me with ever greater vigour, each of them building so close to their own climax. I work my tongue furiously, thrust my hips, and fight to hold in my own eruption. The cries and moans of the two girls echo through the cavernous underpass, until finally, mercifully, the first girl reaches her glorious climax and allows mine.

“Cum now! Cum now, rich boy!”

And I do. It’s the most intense release I’ve ever had; spurt after incredible spurt, trying to throw my head back in ecstasy, sandwiched as it is between the cold hard pavement and the soft soaking pussy of the second girl as she screams her own rapturous orgasm.

And then there is stillness, and relative silence, save for our heavy breathing as we try to recover. I am wrecked, I am ruined, and I love it. I lie there, groggy and exhausted, dull ache in my head, burning sensation on my arse, still not quite sure whether I’ve been a victim or a willing participant.

I raise my head, and am rewarded by the sight of the two girls kissing and groping one another with reckless abandon and manic fervour. It seems their pleasure isn’t done yet, and maybe mine isn’t either, because somehow my just-emptied cock finds new life on seeing this, and begins to harden again.

“Oi, don’t watch us, you pervert!” shouts the second girl, “Get dressed, and fuck off!”

I do so, hesitantly, so disoriented that I’m not sure which way is home and which way is work. But as I start to leave, the first girl calls me back.

“Don’t forget this,” she says, handing back my wallet.

I stare at it, dumbstruck, and she answers the question in my eyes.

“Because we’re gonna mug you for it again, this time tomorrow.”

True Selves and Pseudonyms

My name is Jay, and I write erotica.

How I would love to shout this everywhere I go, bold as brass for the world to hear. But Jay Willowbay is just a pen name and play on words which reveals my true nature, but hidden from those who think they know the ‘real’ me.

Only it wasn’t all that hidden before. In a haze of creative hubris I thought I could run my two identities together, side by side and intertwining. I even decided to credit one of my books as a collaboration with myself; this erotic author contributing the saucy rom-com opening, with the other horror writer me weighing in with the shocking finale. They would be two sides of the same author and fans would stick with both, following me from genre to genre and letting me lead them to what they might not otherwise have read.

Sounds over-optimistic even to me. It might have worked. Probably not, but it might.

Instead, I realised that my responsibilities as a parent far outweigh my dreams and schemes as an erotic writer, and having such an obvious and prominent submissive pseudonym so easily traceable to my real name could cause problems. Not for me, I look forward to outing myself, but for a nearly teenage son. With all the stresses and troubles of puberty and senior school to deal with, the last thing he needs is to be bullied because he has a sissy for a dad.

So the last e-book release was switched to being the other me only, and this identity was put into stasis. I closed the Facebook account, announced on this site that I’d resume writing in a few years, and went back to my other life.

As you can see, that has changed. Instead, I am in the process of severing the links between the two identities. The Jay Willowbay Facebook account has been resurrected, but with date of birth and all grown up pictures of me removed. And I’ve even unfriended myself!

There are still a couple of loose ends to tie up; after that I’m running free as Jay Willowbay, and I have big plans: not just short stories and poetry, but also a six part novella series and even editing an anthology.

How soon and how deeply I can commit to these is uncertain: I may be on the verge of some pretty exciting times under my real name, and if these come about I will have to prioritise those for a while. But if they don’t, it might just be time for Jay Willowbay to step out of the shadows and claim centre stage. Just without showing his face, that’s all.

Jay Willowbay’s 4 or More (End of 2016)

This is a page of my favourite erotic reads over the last couple of years. I almost called  it the Phwoar Star Plus Club, but that would  have deserved an infliction of pain that goes way beyond pleasurable.


The Night Kitten Strikes – Dahlia Morgan

A quirky little story, reminiscent of the film Black Scorpion. This realises the fantasies of many a superhero fan who wants to be wants to be overpowered by a villainess, and does it with flair, humour and sensuality.

4 Stars


Adventures of a Domme – Mistress Alora

The sex and submission scenes are suitably stimulating, but this also has a skilfully developed story line with both heart and humour, and more than a few surprises, both in the plot and the set pieces. It seems the Mistress has me held captive just as much as if I was one of her slaves!

5 Stars


Sweet Torments – Alex Jordaine

An exciting variety of sexy shorts, each hitting the spot from different angles, to form a scintillating overall experience. Of course, the presence of a lucky slave Jay in ‘Last Slave Standing’ makes that my favourite story by a distance!

4 Stars


The First Session – Esther Harshom

Undoubtedly the finest piece of hypno femdom I’ve ever read, to the extent that it’s a life-transforming experience for me. In using a second person narration, Harshom might be limiting her audience, but it’s like she’s read my mind, found my deepest fantasies and showed them to me, only even better. The absence of character names and the use of the second person makes it so easy to see myself in the action … this doesn’t just cater to my tastes, it shapes them. I’d give it six stars if I could.

5 Stars


Crystal Blue Persuasion – Esther Harshom

Another excellent piece of hypno femdom, this time with the domme using a blue jewelled necklace to seduce and entrance her lucky victims. How much did this influence me? Enough to buy my wife a blue jewelled necklace!

5 Stars


Taking Office – Lucian Carter

More hypno femdom, again using a beguiling second person narration, and again using a strategically placed blue pendant to ensnare the unsuspecting onlooker in this brief but memorable piece.

4 Stars


Dominated by the Librarian – Tara Jones

Breathtaking tale of female dominance through a character who, despite her stature, eschews seduction and beguilement to assert her superiority through force of will and physical power. Makes me feel like taking my next of library books back late on purpose.

4 Stars


The Third Pill – Esther Harshom

Clever and sexy tale examining the chemistry and psychology of mind control, through a dominant woman and a man prepared to take the challenge she issues. Builds up nicely before the final twist.

4 Stars


Sasha’s Plaything – Esther Harshom

A cocky womaniser is undone by his own hubris, and the hypnotic skill of the misfit girl he wanted as another notch on his bedpost. And as she subjects him to a series of humiliations, I find myself pitying him almost as much as I envy him.

5 Stars


The Virgin aka The Novice – Harlem Dae

Brilliant usage of dual narration to show an inexperienced man’s sexual bildungsroman on one side, and a caring domme skilfully sculpting her subject on the other. This is full of scorching set pieces, and maintains a cracking pace throughout its full length.

4 Stars


CFNM Revenge Tales – A.J. Gray

Collection of unrelated but thematically linked short stories revisiting the trope of the arrogant male character getting in his comeuppance, but always in an audacious and intoxicating style.

4 Stars


The Hypnotist – Sabrina Jen Mountford

The hard femdom specialist goes relatively gentle in showing psychological and sensual enslavement and feminisation techniques. The early mind control sections are deliriously overwhelming, and it still holds my interest even after it goes beyond the limits of my own preferences.

4 Stars


The Sisterhood: Slave Recruitment – M.J. Carey

Effective use of back and forth dual narration, portraying both sides of the femdom fetish with deftness and understanding but never shying away from the good stuff, the bad stuff, and best of all, the good bad stuff.

4 Stars


Slavery Part 1: Captured – Sabrina Jen Mountford

More characteristically hard femdom from SJM, who shows an unsuspecting man indulging his curiosity and paying the price. This caters to entrapment and kidnap fantasies, and goes further than I would, but does so in such an exciting way that I can’t help wondering, what if…?

4 Stars


Drummer Boy – Lady Dysprosia

A wide variety of scenarios; all delivered in a compelling and scintillating way, with switching dynamics for each character and an epic fantasy subplot that could support a story in its own right. This is the best thing I’ve ever read on Literotica, although doubtless helped by their being a character named Jason who is dominated by powerful goddesses!

4 Stars


The Secret Life of Girls – Chloe Thurlow

This slice of erotica is cerebral as well as sexual, with Thurlow using an unreliable narrator to great comedic and satirical effect. Refreshingly, this ain’t romance, and although the narrator isn’t always entirely likeable, the joyous way she hurtles from one new experience to another draws you in and drags you along for the ride. This is the first non-femdom book on the list, which tells you all you need to know about the quality of writing.

4 Stars


Domme – Leigh Stone

Short story collection meets mosaic novella, with each chapter featuring a compelling erotic vignette from the powerful and alluring domme of the title as she indulges in pegging, spanking, menage, and pony play before meeting someone who might be able to stand up to her. It’s a scintillating, multi-layered read; with Chapter 3 reminding me of my tantalising geographical proximity to Basingstoke, but Chapter 4 breaking my heart with the cruelly ironic quote: “Jason has never been my submissive.”

5 Stars


Coming Together in Verse – Edited by Ashley R Lister

A heady mix of the poetic and the explicit, with a wide variety of styles and subject matter, stimulating mind and body alike, and rightfully longlisted for the 2016 Saboteur Awards. My own kinky hackery aside, this is high quality throughout, but special mention has to be given to Adrea Kore’s set of poems, especially ‘Best Enjoyed Hard’, the highlight of the anthology for me and many others.

4 Stars


The Gentlemen’s Club – Emmanuelle de Maupassant

This is an erotic tour de force, delivered in a luxuriant prose which stays just the right side of overwritten, and is well in keeping with the Victorian setting. Additionally, it punctures the hubris and hypocrisy of the patriarchy of the time, the remnants of which endure today. It hits the femdom spot too, keeping this reviewer firmly in his place.

5 Stars


Domme Evolved – Leigh Stone

The Domme has indeed evolved, and this book no longer follows her career as a jobbing dominatrix, instead depicting a utopian and loving domme/sub/switch relationship. As down and dirty, daring and provocative as you could wish for, but with real heart and warmth behind it – deep down, this is a true love story which hits the spot in every way. It shows real, believable characters you can really care for, and is all the sexier for it.

5 Stars


Beast – L. Grubb

There’s a real toughness to the writing, with as convincing a bad guy male POV as I’ve read from any female author. Both male and female protagonist have a mix of strength and vulnerability, and they make a sensational and satisfying match, with sparks flying once they get together.

4 Stars


Right Where I Want You – Brantwijn Serrah

Scintillating superhero femdom with the power exchange going just the way I like it, and described in intoxicating detail. Similar to the first title on this list in terms of style and content, and written with both enthusiasm and deftness.

4 Stars


Yes Ma’am – Kay Jaybee

Exquisite variety of tales, featuring women who dominate physically or psychologically, who share their slaves with their friends or torment them by making them watch. This provides a range of scenarios which is likely to not just hit your existing fantasies, but give you new ones you never expected.

5 Stars


Femme Fatale: The Agency – C.A. Bell

Life transformation story which warms up with good characterisation and scene-setting, lulling you somewhat, before exploding with a scintillating scene which knocked this reviewer sideways. Pacing and heat levels remain high thereafter and story is strong, with great promise for a continuing series.

4 Stars


Owned – Leigh Stone

Depicts some rather hard fetish , but does so in a way that shows the love and care that can go into it, and the sense of empowerment that can come even as being the sub in the relationship. When this hits your spot it will take you on an exquisite journey, and even when it doesn’t it will be a fascinating viewpoint into the BDSM lifestyle.

4 Stars


Blue – LN Bey

It’s a substantial work that may venture into some uncomfortable places, but is almost always exciting and consistently impressive. There are so many scenarios that hit the spot, sometimes from multiple angles; all depicted adroitly, realistically and sensitively in terms of content and narrative. For example the list of rules that male sub Ken has to live by will provide an informative introduction to the lifestyle for those curious about BDSM, and some serious carnal thrills from anyone who has ever, in fantasy or reality, set such rules or been bound by them. This is a seriously sexy read from cover to cover, with the author creating an intoxicatingly inventive series of situations and driving them deep into your imagination through sweet seduction and irresistible force.

5 Stars


BDSM Poetry – C.A. Bell

Opening poem ‘Contract’ pretty much ensnared me right from the off, and retained its hold because the very act of reading on felt like an ongoing admission of obedience having accepted the terms. Difficult therefore for someone of my tastes to retain level-headed critical faculties when it goes into full-on femdom mode: ‘It’s Psychological’ put me into an intensely vulnerable state of mind, but ‘Switch’ was even harder-hitting, the title giving dramatic irony to the maledom opening and building anticipation for when it all turns around, and by the end of it I was pretty much helpless to resist ‘Mistress’ who turned up to ram home her advantage in the very next poem.

4 Stars


The Borstal Mistress – Kivutar Amy Koski

The good bits are very good: appropriately hard-hitting, exhilarating and utterly addictive, and welcome variety is added with enforced chastity, body worship, and unauthorised cumming being added to the mix. Just like every male character present here I have been well and truly beaten into submission.

4 Stars


The Houseboy – Ariana Paige

After settling in after a slow opening it delivers a scintillating scene of a young sub giving himself completely to a woman almost twice his age. But what’s both sweet and clever here is that it isn’t all one way traffic. The house boy, despite his youth, is the more experienced of the two at this kind of thing, and to some extent he tops from the bottom; leading and guiding the first time dominatrix, who at times loses control of herself. She says please and thank you, and admits: “I had no power. He owned me now.”

5 Stars


The Houseboy Part 2 – Ariana Paige

There is a lot more story in this second part, and once again an adroitly evolving plot. Or perhaps that should be revolving, since the narrative arc cleverly begins and ends in the same place, but there are of course twists, and fittingly, kinks in that graceful loop. There’s a lot more tenderness in their – dare I say it – lovemaking than you’d expect from a strictly domme / sub relationship, but that’s no bad thing, and all the more believable and appealing for it. This is a worthy extension and expansion to the first story, striking a good balance between being an engaging storyline and still a hot read.

4 Stars







Jay Willowbay Under Interrogation

The following questions and answers are from a survey of writers of erotic fiction,  the results of which will shortly appear on, highlighting trends and featuring prominent replies. I highly recommend this blog, and author.


Do you write under a pen name of opposite gender?

If so, what were your reasons for choosing to do so?


No; I do use pen names, but they’re the same gender.




When did you first begin writing fiction containing erotic elements?


I wrote a very candid memoir in the late 90’s, in which I held back nothing of my own (infrequent and belated) sexual experiences, and this might be published one day.


I first began writing fiction with a serious view to getting published in the mid-noughties, and my first novel contained a few sex scenes, albeit mostly in the imagination of the male teenage co-protagonist.


After that was published in 2011 I wrote my debut erotic novella Shagnasty, still under my real name at that time. But after I decided that series, and my erotic writing in general, should go in a more femdom direction, I took this name. The novella remains unpublished, however.



In which year did your work first:

Receive a print/e-book audience?

Receive an online readership (via a website)?


Under this name, it was for poetry, in Ashley R Lister’s Coming Together: In Verse anthology, in November last year. Not much online impact yet, in fact this will go into my very  first Jay Willowbay blog post



Have you  self-published?

                        been published by a small press?

                        if so, which ?

                        been published by a larger publishing house?

                        if so, which?  

What has been your experience of self-publishing/traditional publishing?

Have your experiences matched your expectations? Do you have advice you would share?


My only full length publication to date was a horror novel under my real name through a small press. It was a disaster. There was so little editorial work done that it went on sale within a week of me submitting it. I should have smelled a rat, but I just felt pleased with myself for self-editing it so well. They did no promo, and it didn’t even go on Amazon; you could only buy it through their site. It sold about 50 copies, of which 20 were to me for reviews, relatives and libraries, before the company went bust. My only royalty payment was for £45, which was a fraction of what I’d spent on my copies and promotional items.


I still wouldn’t say avoid the small presses, but I’d advise anyone to look closely at who they’re submitting to. I think self-publishers were less respected back then than nowadays, and self-pubbing is definitely an avenue I intend to explore.



Where do you experience most sales? Via e-book or print?


Hardly any sales anywhere, so far. Once I’ve self-pubbed I would expect e-book sales to be prevalent, but I’m keen to make physical books available too.



How would you describe your writing style and your choice of sub-genres?

Have you written fiction or non-fiction without erotic elements?

Please give details…


In the erotica world, as my name may suggest, I’m a femdom specialist, and I love to look at that psychologically as well as physically. There are only a few glimpses of the protagonist’s submissiveness in Shagnasty though; it’s the first in a series, and he hasn’t admitted it to himself yet. Instead what we see is someone trying too hard to overcompensate: he veers from relatively harmless Jack-the-lad to dangerous sociopath, until submission becomes his only hope of redemption.


Erotica is just one of many genres I write in: under other names I also do Horror, Speculative Fiction, Crime, Children’s Fiction and Sports Writing. People assume I should take very different approaches to each, but I disagree: the subject matters may vary, but the same fundamentals of loving the language and engaging the reader still apply.



In which format(s) do you write?         short stories / novellas / novels


All of the above, from a 150 word flash fiction Crime story, which was a runner-up in a prestigious competition, to the 85,000 word zombie novel which can hopefully come back from the dead. The novella is my favourite length to write to, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to pay the bills.



Do you have any major cultural influences

(eg. in theatre/ film/art/music/theatre)?


Not in the sense of there consciously being a person I must emulate or a style I must imitate, but I think I pick up something from everything I see, hear or read, even if it gestates within me for many years before coming to fruition. Take the old Judge Dredd comics I read in 2000AD during my childhood and early adolescence: obviously I was into it as a sci-fi fan, but what stays with me today is a hypno femdom mind control scene as a prelude to a Judge Death story. Not only has that become a theme in my erotic writing; it also went a long way to defining the whole Jay Willowbay persona.






Do you tend to read works by other authors within the erotic genre?

If not, why not?

If you do, whom have you enjoyed – and what appealed to you about their work?

What benefit do you think there may be in reading work by fellow writers of erotic fiction?


I do read other erotic authors, and would think that anyone who wants to write in this genre without doing so is making a mistake.


In reading erotic fiction that hits my niche preference squarely on the nose, I have to mention Esther Harshom. Excellently written, and again connecting with the emotional and cerebral workings of hypno femdom, as well as the resulting action. She definitely nurtured the seed that had been planted in Mega-City One all those years ago.


For someone who strikes my weak spot with more of a glancing blow, but in breathtakingly arresting and audacious prose, I would have to bring up the author who is collating these questions. The Gentleman’s Club is an erotic tour de force, delivered in a luxuriant prose which stays just the right side of overwritten, and is well in keeping with the Victorian setting. Additionally, it punctures the hubris and hypocrisy of the patriarchy of the time, the remnants of which endure today.

Also Leigh Stone’s Domme books are a stunning example of perfectly written femdom; describing the physical details in a way that puts you right there feeling it, while accurately and sensitively depicting the feelings of domme and sub alike. It gets right into your head and leaves a lasting impression which endures long after you put the book down.


How far does your writing reflect:

your own emotional/sexual history/experience?


Not at all – my Shagnasty protagonist is the very antithesis of myself: he’s undoubtedly more conventionally attractive than I am, and has had at least a hundred times more sexual partners than me, but I have a loving relationship that he’s never known, and am far more comfortable in my own skin.



Your own fantasies?


Yeah, that’s a big part, and I’m not ashamed of it. Any erotic author that doesn’t mine their own fantasies is ignoring their most bountiful source of vivid and exciting material, and letting it go to waste. I won’t hold anything back.


Experiences you have read/witnessed/been told about second-hand?


Not so much really, but I think if anything makes a big impression, it will naturally assimilate itself into your fantasies, and the creative goldmine therein.



What inspired you to begin writing fiction with erotic content?

Eg. commercial reasons/desire to push boundaries/creative impulse…


I never said to myself, “I’m going to write erotica”, I just happened to have the specific idea for Shagnasty, and in writing that I saw enough scope for expansion in the series to justify launching this persona.



Have your motivations changed since first writing? If so, how?  What do you primarily wish to accomplish through your writing?


My dream was and still is to write for a living, but I have become much more aware of how difficult that is, and more realistic about how, and to what extent, to achieve that. I now hope that the combination of all the genres of fiction and non-fiction that I write in, along with any Creative Writing tuition that I may be qualified for (I am just finishing an MA, and looking into PhD possibilities) will be enough to provide a handy second income at least.



Are there ‘taboo’ areas you are interested in exploring but feel constrained by current regulations / commercial viability / social conventions?


No; if I want to write something, I will. The great freedom of being so unsuccessful commercially, is that you really have nothing to lose.



Are there any ‘taboos’ you avoid through personal preference?


Is there a difference between avoiding something, and simply not writing it? While there’s nothing I wouldn’t write, whether such ideas present themselves to me is a different matter.



What are your future plans in terms of accomplishment? Is there an area of the genre (or another genre) you’d like to explore?

Or a new style?            And with what intent?


I have 30 books plotted out over a variety of genres, including a three part zombie series, a twelve part crime series, a five part children’s series and a six part erotica series, along with a few standalones. My ambition is to write these as well as possible; I hope that they also find a readership, but that’s a secondary concern. I came across a nice line from playwright Steve Gooch the other day: “If you’ve lived with an idea for some time, and it keeps getting stronger, there’s a good chance that it will end up demanding to be written – in which case you won’t have much choice in the matter.”



Do you plan to cease writing in this genre?  If so, for what reason?


I have no intention of jumping ship, but at some point the journey will have run its course. At the very least I will finish the six part Shagnasty series, and whatever short stories pop into my head in the interim. After that I will take stock and decide whether to continue writing erotica, or whether to continue writing at all.



Looking at the notion of the ‘erotic genre’ broadly, how would you like to see it develop over the coming decade?


I’d like to see it being more respected as a literary endeavour, and that goes for the writers as well as the readers, critics and the wider public. I’ll sometimes see authors saying things like: “Just writing the final chapter – it’ll be on sale tomorrow!” Now the result might even be quite good, but it certainly won’t be anywhere near as good as it could have been.